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Employee training is a valuable investment in the growth of every business. When equipment or software is first delivered, users typically receive basic instruction and advice from suppliers to get them ‘up and running.’ Once the basics are mastered, however, they will benefit greatly from further training to learn the full system capabilities so that they can optimise their performance and increase output.

Our courses give customers the ability to improve their knowledge through formal structured learning and are combined with field exercises where appropriate. Course costs are kept to a minimum so that they are an affordable way for customers to improve their skills whilst maximising benefits for their company.

Construction set-out

This short practical course covers the set-up and operation of your Topcon set out equipment and Magnet Field software. 

MAGNET Training

This courses are ideal for people wanting to learn all the basics of
MAGNET Office, MAGNET Tools and, MAGNET Field software.

Machine Control Training

Our Courses give you a thorough background knowledge of what machine control technology is, how it works.

Laser Training

The course covers the fundamentals of laser safety, regulatory requirements, hazard assessment, and practical implementation of laser safety protocols.

Total Station and GPS Rover Training

Courses designed for all users of Topcon GPS equipment on the construction site and will take those with little or no experience and make them competent operators.

RPAS Training

We provide RPAS training that educates remote pilots to the highest standard of safety and operational skills.

We are offering Laser Safety Officer training from $300.00/pp or Group of 5 for $1,200, contact our team to get more information!

Courses cater for beginners through to advanced users:

Newer users who could become more productive by attending a one day course

Users who have previously attended an introduction course and could extend their knowledge by attending a more advanced or specialised course

Newer users who could become more productive by attending a one day course

Our Campus professionals also offer Customised Training and Consultancy Services for those who may require more tailored solutions. These courses can be delivered on site or in our training rooms to suit your needs.


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