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iDig : Real Time Grade Control System

iDig 2D grade control for excavators from $12,999 + GST – no more getting out of the cab to check grade. Your new grade checker is on time and ready to work day in, day out.

iDig’s advanced 2D excavator grade control system works with all makes and models of machine to deliver real-time depth, slope and distance to grade information straight to the cab. With second by second updates and consistent, accurate measurements you can be confident of getting to level faster, more efficiently and without any rework or wasted material.

  • Get live updates on slope, depth and distance to grade
  • Quick install with solar powered sensors – swap between machines
  • Fits to all makes and models of excavator

Product Advantages:

iDig is a technically advanced tool.  It was designed and developed to enable easy installation, calibration, and use, to meet or exceed contractors’ stringent needs.

  • Eliminate Waste fuel and machine downtime waiting for a grade check, and the need for a grade rod: autolevel or laser.  Get needed information right in your cab
  • Easily handles tough jobsite conditions:
    • compact, heavy duty, water and dirt proof
    • solar charging means no extra work at day’s end
    • radio communication means no cable breakage to worry about
  • Transfer points when moving the machine with a ground or laser reference
  • Easily calculate slopes
  • Software updates via USB connector on control box

What is iDig?

Grade Control For Excavators

Save Time And Money With iDig.

iDig is easy to use and install. You can save up to $2000 if you install it yourself. Click on the button below to see our how-to video guide.

Dig With Accuracy
No Cables System
Simple & Intuitive
ONE System for all:

Move your iDig system in minutes from one machine to another

Real-time depth indication

  • Enter your desired depth
  • iDig guides you there

Real-time slope indication

  • Enter your slope, positive (+) or negative (-)°, %, on x:y
  • iDig guides you there
  • It can also calculate the relative slope

Real-time distance indication

  • Place the bucket teeth on the start point
  • Enter your desired digging distance
  • Follow iDig’s horizontal LEDS to get there

Why iDig?

No other product will have as a positive impact on improving the bottom line of a contractor’s business than iDig.

This is achieved through:

  • increasing job site efficiency and effectiveness.
  • reducing or eliminating labour costs.
  • reducing machine maintenance and servicing.
  • reducing fuel costs.
  • increasing health and wellbeing and reducing H&S compliance through safer worksites.

iDig allows you to save on several items:

  • The grade checker or the time needed to work (no stops, no need to get out of the cabin)
  • Fuel and materials (over-working)
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iDig 2D Excavator Grade Control

Affordable Bucket Position Indication for ALL Excavating Equipment

Greg Molan
August 12, 2020

Now we can send one person out to operate the machine to complete site cuts, dig drains & auger holes, without needing someone onsite to check depths or grades. The system is very easy to use so you just set your grade and away you go, it’s so much more productive. As with any new technology, you’re always a bit nervous to begin with, but we’ve found you really can’t go wrong with it. We’re self-sufficient and can work anything out without additional support.

Marty Dench
August 12, 2020

The iDig solution is too easy really – I just establish my level, dial it in and off I go! It really has saved us so much time and easily paid for itself in a short period. Getting in and out of the cab to check grade may not sound like a big deal, but anyone in the business knows it gets old pretty quickly

Ricky Ireland
June 12, 2021

For the jobs we do, there’s no engineered 3D design that you need for more advanced machine control systems to work. We have the reduced level and the batter ratio, as required, so I needed a system that could suit the type of work we do. We can do everything with this system including batters, level sites, depths, falls, culvits and water troughs or tanks on farms. The team at Aptella has been great – we’re a pretty technologically disadvantaged bunch and they can help us out with everything either on the phone or coming out to see us.

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Request more information about this product