3D grade control systems required by Singapore LTA


Contractors must deploy 3D grade control systems for excavators and soil compactors according to specifications from the Singapore Land and Transport Authority (LTA). The specifications call for systems that can be controlled by GPS or total stations for accurate site levelling.

Topcon 3D grade control for earthworks

Topcon machine control solutions deliver precise 3D positioning and automatically guide the operator to grade. Using a combination of sensors fitted to the machine, GPS or total station technology and a real-time display monitor in the cabin, the technology gives operators live height, depth and slope information relative to the 3D design of the project.

Topcon grade control systems are available in Asia in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and more from distributor Aptella. With more than 30 years’ industry experience with laser levelling, GPS and grade control technology, Aptella offers customers comprehensive services. These include technical training, support and advice for contractors throughout every stage of the project to ensure their success.

Eliminate over or undercutting

Excavator grade control systems help to eliminate over or undercutting because the operator has live information about the machine’s distance to grade at all times. With the ability to see his position relative to the CAD design in millimetre accuracy, there is no more guesswork. This reduction in overcutting or undercutting during earthworks leads to less rework, less wasted material and time and cost savings.

compactor with Topcon machine control

Optimise ground compaction with soil compactor technology

Topcon machine technology can be fitted to soil compactors to enable consistent pass counts, reach compaction values and improve quality. GPS  machine control for compactors provides fast return on investment with dramatically improved compaction results. In addition, contractors have a record of the compaction achieved, in order to meet quality assurance with clients.

Topcon flexibility for 3D grade control

Unlike some manufacturers on the market and factory-fitted machine control systems, Topcon technology offers contractors complete flexibility. Components can be swapped between machines to reduce costs. You can upgrade or downgrade between 2D and 3D technology to suit the job at hand. And, perhaps most importantly, you can switch between laser levels, GPS and total station controlled systems to suit the application.

For example, if you are working in areas with limited GPS signal (such as under tree canopies, in tunnels or close to buildings), you can switch to total stations. Total stations provide survey-grade accuracy to the machine and can be used in places where GPS is unavailable. Likewise, for large-scale projects with multiple machines working together, you can choose GPS as a more cost effective yet still highly accurate option.

Topcon is also compatible with all makes, models and types of machine. Fit it to your grader, dozer, excavator, compactor, trencher, paver, milling machine and much, much more!

When is 2D levelling a better option?

In many situations, 2D levelling will be sufficient to get the job done. 2D technology uses methods such as laser levelling or sonic tracking to give operators an accurate height to grade. Although not as complex as full-scale 3D systems, these options are ideal for smaller jobs including house pads, carparks, landscaping and more.

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