Topcon LS-B200 / LS-B200W Machine Control Laser Receivers

The LS-B200 series of machine laser receiver has replaced the LS-B100, LS-B110 and LS-B110W, with the two options of LS-B200 and LS-B200W.

  • Ruggedized for a variety of 2D applications
  • LEDs for heads up visual operation
  • Grade indicators to verify design grade
  • High / Low marks for instant notification to grade
  • Flexible 360°orientation for faster field work
  • Optional audio indicators
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Laser Manager Mobile App

The LS-B200W receiver pairs with the Laser Manager mobile app, turning your smart device into an in-cabin remote display for a one-time payment of $99.99. For a limited time, the RD-100W wireless remote will remain available for in-cabin support of the LS-B110W laser receiver

Increase Your Grading and Excavating Potential with Laser Guidance

The LS-B Series of machine-mounted laser sensors are affordable grade indicate systems designed to improve grading and excavating production and accuracy.

Easy to use with fast setup, these depth control sensors can be mounted to your earthmoving machines in minutes. Attach any of the LS sensors to a piece of equipment, turn it on, bench in, and go to work. No more waiting for a grade checker or jumping off a machine to check your own grade.

With Topcon’s laser sensors, you’ll know if you are above, below, or on-grade all the time. Put the LS-B Series laser sensor on a dozer, then move it to your excavator and then onto a grader. Because it’s quick to move and convenient to use, contractors often want to equip all of their earthmoving machines with these
production-boosting control systems.

Loaded with features

Each sensor is packed full of features, such as an accuracy mode and battery life Indicator, plus a power save/auto cut-off function to save battery life.
Choose from three different models that each provide 360º laser detection to keep your project moving ahead in challenging conditions.


• Adjustable “on grade”accuracy
• Power save/auto cut-off
• C size alkaline batteries,
rechargeable battery pack,
or external power supply
with DCV to 30V
• ISO 13766-1 certification
• IP66
• Range 800m (diameter)


• Includes slope and
plumb indicator
• Compatible with Topcon’s
Control Boxes for “automatic”
mode applications
• One-touch “On Grade” matching
• Offset the “On Grade” position
• IP66 environmental rating
with DCV to 30V
• ISO 13766-1 certification
• Bluetooth
• Laser Manager available