Unlocking Efficiency with Payload Management Solutions


Are you looking to maximize your payload opportunities and enhance the efficiency of your mining operations?

Look no further than Transcale’s cutting-edge volumetric scanning solutions. Our technology takes payload management to the next level by offering real-time 3D imaging of truck bodies. This data provides valuable insights into load positioning, volumetric capacity, material density, and blast fragmentation. The result? Informed decisions that can significantly boost productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance safety on your site. 

 Optimize Payloads for Peak Performance 

  • Accurately model load positioning, body fill factor, carry-back, and material fragmentation. 
  • Make informed decisions to streamline material management with real-time material density. 
  • Optimize payload by machine type to consistently achieve 80-95% loads. 

 Reduce Maintenance Costs and Improve Safety 

  • Monitor and reduce overloads to within 0-1% to extend equipment life. 
  • Verify that your trucks are operating within the manufacturer’s payload management guidelines. 
  • Ensure optimal load distribution across all axles (front, rear, left, and right). 
  • Optimized loads lead to reduced fuel consumption, tire wear, and component maintenance. 

 Customized Solutions for Your Unique Site 

  • Choose between temporary or permanent installation based on your needs. 
  • Compatible with both underground and surface mining operations. 
  • Explore autonomous unmanned options for seamless integration. 
  • Dynamic sampling from 0 to 5 km/hr ensures accuracy across different operational phases. 

With Transcale’s Payload Management Solutions, you have the power to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and boost safety across your mining operations. Whether you’re in Southeast Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, our dedicated support teams are always ready to assist you. Make the smart choice for your mining site and optimize your payloads with Transcale.