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About Us


Aptella is a premier provider of intelligent positioning solutions for surveying, civil works, mining and building activities.

With around 250 people in offices Australia-wide, in South East Asia and New Zealand, Aptella is the largest Australian-owned company focussing entirely on the distribution and support of positioning and geospatial solutions for surveying, civil works, mining and building projects. At Aptella, we are committed to increasing productivity for our customers and building lasting business relationships around high calibre positioning activities.

From advanced machine control technology to the latest in land surveying and measurement tools, Aptella sources and supports leading solutions sourced from innovators all over the world. Our range includes survey-grade Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS), 3D laser scanning systems, high precision machine guidance and fleet management systems, laser levels, proximity detection and collision avoidance technology, on-board hydraulic machine scales, total stations, GNSS, laser levels and numerous accessories. 

Advanced hardware systems are powered by advanced software platforms including MAGNET workflow solutions, point cloud and 3D modelling tools, along with a range of scheduling, site and project management options.

A full range of leading instruments and systems is backed by superior service and industry expertise to give our customers the support they need for any project.

Services such as AllDayRTK, a CORS network that enables high precision geo positioning through permanent RTK GNSS infrastructure. 

Tokara is a custom-developed web-based service that offers support, training and design updates quickly from a site office or Aptella branches. As a support and field asset management tool, Tokara is a link to your machines and survey devices in the field. 


Making a difference for your business

What we do

We build business relationships by sourcing, deploying and supporting intelligent positioning solutions to enhance our customers' productivity.

Wherever you find surveyors, engineers, construction machine operators and contractors, Aptella is there to assist their work to be precise, efficient and in control.

Formed in 2008 by joining five state-based laser and machine control distributors, Aptella has now grown to a 250+ strong team with offices in every state and territory of Australia, along with New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. 

Our people have a diverse skill set to enable the best outcomes for your project. We employ cadastral, engineering and mine surveyors, mechanics, electrical engineers, computer programmers, spatial sciences experts and more to ensure we have the know-how to source and tailor technology solutions to save on time, labour, wasted materials and rework.