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AllDayRTK: Enabling Geo-Precision

AllDayRTK is a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network providing accurate Network RTK positioning services throughout Australia and New Zealand.  AllDayRTK benefits all industries requiring accurate, reliable GNSS positioning. AllDayRTK delivers cm-level accuracy anywhere within a networked area, eliminating the need to setup and maintain a temporary base station.

Aptella has established an extensive network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). In addition, we have collaborated with network RTK providers right around Australia, including state-owned infrastructure networks such as CORSnet and VICpos.

AllDayRTK provides a seamless link between these networks to bring you the most comprehensive network RTK solution available. 


AllDayRTK for Surveying

AllDayRTK delivers high precision positioning and correction information for survey GNSS instruments. By eliminating the need to setup and maintain a personal base station, AllDayRTK offers cadastral, topographic, mining and engineering surveyors access to a robust, reliable positioning infrastructure service for all survey tasks. 

With flexible subscription-based pricing options, surveyors can choose a CORS Network RTK plan to suit individual project or business requirements. Easily scalable to multiple systems, AllDayRTK is a hassle-free way to get accurate measurements throughout metro and rural areas of Australia and New Zealand

Earthmoving with AllDayRTK

Get accurate, repeatable positioning information for your machine control enabled earthmoving equipment with AllDayRTK. Quickly enabled on all makes and models of machinery for reliable GNSS positioning without the need to setup base stations on site. 


Talk to our team about AllDayRTK Focus, a unique service that enables you to cover all machine control and survey instruments with a tailored site network for your project. By supplementing existing network infrastructure with dedicated site bases, AllDayRTK Focus offers ultimate network stability, rapid deployment and local support from Aptella. 

AllDayRTK for Precision Farming

For precision farming applications, AllDayRTK gives you the option to choose a subscription plan and scale up or down to suit the stage of your farming cycle and the number of machines you have working. AllDayRTK works with all makes and models of precision farming systems to deliver repeatable and consistent positioning information wherever you’re working. 

With extensive coverage throughout Australia and New Zealand, talk to our team to see if your site is covered by our Network RTK service. 

Mining with AllDayRTK

Use AllDayRTK to provide GNSS positioning information to your mine survey rovers and high precision machine guidance systems. With the ability to cover large areas with high accuracy and without the need to setup and maintain base station infrastructure, AllDayRTK provides a flexible and value for money option for your GNSS correction services.