Laser Theodolite HLT-05

Built for precision, speed and durability the HLT Theodolite incorporates a laser beam sight to a specific point. This eliminates the need to sight and focus optically through the eye piece.

  • 30x magnification. 5” accuracy.
  • Port for RS232 data export to PC. Rechargeable batteries.
  • Back light illumination for poor light situations.
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HLT-05 Specifications

HLT-05 Specifications
Magnification 30 x
Effective Aperture 45mm
Minimum focus distance 1.5mm
Tube Length 155mm
Measurement Method Photo electrical scanning by incremental encoder
Accuracy 5″
Display LCD screen both sides
Compensator Range +/_ 3′
Laser 635nm
Laser Operating Distance 180m daylight
Power Supply Ni-h6v
Operating time 10hrs
Operating Temperature -10°c to + 40°c
Dimensions 195 x 160 x 335
Weight 4.6kg




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