TinySurveyor Terra

Versatile and accurate pre-line marking robot that works with either GNSS or total station positioning to automatically mark out road lines or sports fields.

  • Complete line marking in a 10th of the time of marking out by foot
  • Increase safety by keeping surveyors out of the elements and away from live traffic
  • Works a full day on a single battery charge to keep up with the job demands
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Mark lines from the comfort of your car!

Tiny Surveyor is a robotic pre-marker tool that will save you time, increase safety and enable you to mark out road lines automatically. With the ability to interface to any GNSS or total station for precise height measurements, the Tiny Surveyor is a versatile and reliable tool that works for eight hours on a single charge.

Upload your design file via USB to the app and watch as the Tiny Surveyor completes the marking work for you. The Samsung tablet enables you to stay in control at all times and its high weatherproof rating ensures the Tiny Surveyor can work in even the toughest environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 10 times faster than marking out on foot
  • Increase safety by following the robot from a car
  • Reliable, repeatable 2-3cm accuracy
  • Works as hard as you do with 8 hour battery
  • Versatile to accommodate different spray can sizes
  • Compact, portable design makes for easy transportation
  • Use with your existing GNSS and optical survey equipment
  • Works with a variety of standard file formats


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