Geomagic Design X

Geomagic® Design X™ creates CAD models from 3D scans faster, more accurately and reliably than any other reverse-engineering software, enabling you to create new business value out of existing products.

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Take product design and manufacturing to the next level with Geomagic design

Geomagic Design enables quick and accurate product development in an easy-to-use setting. With an affordable price tag the Geomagic software delivers top notch tools at an affordable price. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive assembly
  • Parametric and direct editing tools
  • Design and modelling tools
  • 2D drafting
  • Sheet metal design
  • Motion analysis
  • TeamPlatform for file sharing and collaboration
  • KeyShot photorealistic rendering software

Geomagic Design X is the ideal tool that delivers comprehensive mechanical CAD design solutions, which enable you to develop your ideas from the initial concept phase through to manufacturing and production.

Comprehensive assembly

Geomagic Design provides the ability to work with upstream and downstream partners. With built-in and separate add-on capabilities, Geomagic Design has the ability to translate files into every format required.

Parametric and direct editing tools

The direct editing toolset within Geomagic Design are a powerhouse when it comes to editing imported files. Comprising of four different tools that have been specifically designed to make the modification of geometry as easy as selecting something and then dragging the mouse.

Design and Modelling tools

Geomagic Design offers a wide range of 3D modelling and assembly design tools for fast creation of complex geometry. Work efficiently with bottom-up and top-down design. Take your pick from parametrically-controlled design through to direct editing of the models and export out to production, milling and 3D printing at the click of a button.

2D Drafting

Turning 3D parts and assemblies into 2D manufacturing drawings is easy in Geomagic Design’s 2D drafting module. Choose the views to include, and the software automatically create things like design dimensions, centre marks, hole callouts, and the title block.

Sheet Metal Design

The fully integrated Sheet Metal Module delivers fast and easy-to use tools for designing parts made from sheet material.

Motion Analysis

The Dynamics module within Geomagic Design is a rigid body kinematics and dynamics simulation tool that enables the user to build and test functional virtual design prototypes, simulating full-motion behaviour of the designs this tool provides an important insight into how your design would operate in a real-world setting, allowing modifications to be made if necessary.


A collaborative file sharing and project management platform, with no file size limits that enables team members immediate access to the latest version of your design files so they can stay up to date no matter where they are working.


The Geomagic software comes with the added bonus of KeyShot which creates high quality photorealistic renderings. KeyShot has more than 700 scientifically accurate materials and a range of lighting environments to create a realistic rendering of your data that will impress everyone.