Transforming structural monitoring


Automated crack monitoring systems are transforming the way structural investigations are conducted

This innovative technology eliminates the need for manual measurements and frequent site visits by using a linear displacement sensor to monitor structural movement, including pile separation, crack movement and expansion joint movement.

The days of tedious manual measurements are over for CSI – Structural Investigations (CSI), a leading structure investigation firm in Auckland, New Zealand. What first began as a scanning business has grown to specialise in structural investigation, consulting with construction companies and engineers all over New Zealand about their projects.

Previously, monitoring cracks on project required the use of manual linear gauges lined up and measured on site. “It was a tedious process where you have to physically go out every time to get measurements,” said Jonathan Birkhotlz, the Business Development Manager for CSI.

CSI has formed a strong partnership with Aptella over the years, first founded through the hire of a total station, in which the team was able to utilise the Sokkia IX digital construction set out technology. Alin John, the Business Development Manager for New Zealand worked with CSI on the implementation of the total station, “they streamlined project tasks, effectively reducing the engineers workload.”

crack monitoring new zealand

This partnership is what lead Alin John to recommend the use of Senceive crack monitoring solutions, after learning more about CSI’s business.

This technology allowed for the remote monitoring of cracks, providing real-time data on displacement and its correlation with temperature changes. “Having on the spot results and the ease of accessing the data, without the need for being physically on site is invaluable for saving time” says Jonathan Birkholtz of CSI. “The client is happy with the crack monitoring system, and we are in the process of purchasing more sensors to use going forward.”

“Their contributions will compel engineers to reassess supplier expectations, and their implementation of Senceive crack monitors offers engineers real-time monitoring capabilities, empowering informed decisions regarding the urgency and timing of remediation effort.” Says Alin John.

As industry leaders in structural investigation, CSI intends to modernise and scale the business, and with the support of Aptella, having the right types of technology elevates their services and is paramount to evolving the business.

“People buy from people, they don’t buy from companies,” says George-Marc Kairuz, the General Manager of CSI, “Alin and the team at Aptella have really gone the extra mile to build that relationship with us and ensure mutual success.”

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