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Optimised for Road Marking

TinySurveyor Plotter is designed for roadworks on even surfaces such as new concrete layers in road construction. The compact design makes it easy to transport and deploy. The high-visibility safety beacon and ultrasound sensors allow the robot to operate safely in spaces with live traffic or other equipment.

Ideal for:

• Road pre-marking
• Construction lay-out
• Airport pre-marking

A Need For Efficiency Gains

The TinySurveyor robots represent the ultimate high-precision instrument for the surveying and infrastructure industries. They have an unparalleled ability to execute large tasks up to 10x faster than traditional methods.

The TinySurveyor robots are used for a wide range of projects, including:
• Large scale stake-out
• Road pre-marking
• As-built surveys
• Topography
• Surveying
• Set-out

Small in size. Big on performance

Road Marking Robot

8 hours continued use
Ultrasound detectors
Safety beacon
Key features

Improved safety

This new road plotter comes with enhanced safety features, including:

• Ultrasound detection
• High-visibility beacon
• Fit-a-flag option


TinySurveyor Plotter offers a wide range of connection options:

• USB port
• RS232
• 12V outlet

TinySurveyor Tablet

The accompanying tablet gives the operator full control of the robot as well as the parameters of the job in question. For instance, the operator can customize marking settings, apply projection shifts and
adjust robot velocities directly from the tablet. Existing CSV and DXF files can be sent directly from the tablet to the TinySurveyor, allowing operators to start working minutes after arriving on site.

Designed for road works

The robot plotter can pre-mark roads 10 times faster than traditional methods with an accuracy of 2 to 3cm using GNSS or robotic total stations.

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Road marking robot | Tiny surveyor plotter
Key Outcomes

• Productivity: Stake out up to 600 points per hour
• Performance: Tirelessly execute large tasks
• Integration: Use your existing GNSS or RTS equipment.
• Easy data transfer: Use your existing CSV or DXF files
• Mobility: Deployed in minutes
• Employee safety: Safer work environment for surveyors and operator

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Request more information about this product