MAGNET Project (Formerly DynaRoad)

With the power of DynaRoad mass haul software, enhanced by MAGNET Modeler and Explorer functionality, MAGNET Project is a streamlined software solution for managing complex civil infrastructure projects, enabling you to compare different earthworks options to optimise efficiency, budget and time.

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Centralise earthworks management

MAGNET Project provides everything you need for a streamlined digital earthworks workflow. Manage projects in 3D, evaluate different options and costs, and create realistic and accurate earthwork plans on a map. Location-based construction planning and scheduling helps you to tackle costly safety issues, resource conflicts, and construction delays all in one go.


  • Full 3D design and quantity takeoff functionality
  • Risk assessments from different mass haul scenarios
  • Mass balance estimates
  • Haul distance calculations
  • Material usage and traffic planning optimisation
  • Map-based planning
  • BIM Modeling, 5D Simulation & Clash Detection


  • Access to MAGNET Enterprise
  • All MAGNET Construction, Site, Layout and Survey functionality


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