MAGNET Office saves Hopper Construction time and keeps projects moving forward


Hopper Construction is an established civil construction company located in Orewa, Auckland, that has been using MAGNET Office from Aptella for over nine years.

“Hopper Construction offers extensive experience in the construction of quality subdivision developments as well as a wide range of other civil construction services including municipal wastewater treatment plants.  We have unrivalled expertise in complex canal and marina construction in New Zealand,” said Gavin Sims, Project Manager of the Marsden Cove Waterways Development and Survey Manager, Hopper Construction Ltd.

“Our current applications for the MAGNET Office are: pulling set out information from received design data, creation of 3D surfaces for machine control data (diggers and bulldozers), in-house cut – fill design checks, basic design in small scale civil projects, and creation of as-built plans for final sign off.”

Ease-of-use and ongoing support keeps MAGNET Office used daily

Hopper Construction uses MAGNET Office daily across its projects and has continued using it due to its ease-of-use and ongoing support provided by Aptella.

 One of the main benefits that Mr Sims notes from using MAGNET Office is that data can now be processed much faster from remote sites and that, rather than deliver the data himself, he is able to send data directly to site.

Our closest jobsite is currently 1.5hrs away from head office,” said Mr Sims.

“Developments in technology over the years I have been working means that data can be processed much faster in remote locations, as well as better capabilities to send information direct to site without the need for me to hop in the car and do it myself.”

Mr Sims has also found that using MAGNET Office has enabled him to reduce outsourcing and

“MAGNET Office enables us to easily provide some in-house design/create surfaces means we have been able to rely less on engineers and the associated hold ups. This means our projects can keep moving forwards in a timely manner,” said Mr Sims.

Ongoing support important when purchasing new technology                            

Service and support play a large part in Mr Sims’ decision making process when purchasing new technology and equipment and one of the main benefits he has found from having a dedicated Customer Success Manager is the ongoing support he’s received.

“I have worked with Graeme for nine years now and he’s always been able to provide an answer and solution,” said Mr Sims.

“Very rarely do we have an issue, but Graeme always provides ongoing support whenever needed.”

About Hopper Construction

Hopper Construction was formed in the early 1990’s, initially to assist with the construction of projects for Hopper Developments Ltd, an industry leader and specialist in quality urban, canal and marine development.  More than 25 years on, Hopper Construction delivers construction services, expertise, and experience across all areas of infrastructure and land development for a wide range of private and public sector clients. Areas of expertise includes: Bulk earthworks; Dewatering; Revetment walls; Roading; Surveying and GPS machine; Utility services; Concrete structures; Stormwater reticulation.