Topcon G5-A1 GNSS Antenna

Cost-sensitive for you budget-minded customer, yet fully capable of tracking all available satellite signals, with future-proof firmware updates for future constellation expansion, this ruggedized GNSS antenna is ideal for pairing with modular base receivers in your network.

Fully capable of all-in-view tracking of GNSS signals the G5-A1 antenna is capable of providing clean, precise positioning data for all your infrastructure needs.

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Low-cost, high-quality geodetic campaign antenna

Topcon has released the new Topcon G5-A1 GNSS antenna. This addition to the GNSS portfolio adds an entry-level option when it comes to choosing a portable, geodetic campaign antenna for use at a base station or as an external rover antenna.

Features and benefits include:

  • Full-wave, zero-centred geodetic reference station antenna;
  • Designed for highly efficient multi path reduction;
  • Ideal for portable geodetic market requirements;
  • Entry-level, low-cost, high-quality geodetic campaign antenna;
  • All-in-view satellite signal tracking.

The G5-A1 antenna has been designed to support all GNSS signals whether currently broadcast or planned for the future. All modernized GPS signals, including GPS L5, are included. Also tracks current GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou signals.

Built with hardened materials, the G5-A1 is the most robust economy antenna on the market today. It serves as a replacement for the Topcon G3-A1w/ GP GNSS antenna for portable geodetic market requirements.


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