Loadmaster Alpha 50 Scales

The RDS LOADMASTER a50 is a highly accurate, on-board weighing system for loaders that helps increase loading efficiency, cutting vehicle movements on site, increasing safety and ensuring trucks are correctly loaded first time.

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Versatile and value for money loader scales

The new LOADMASTER a50 uses a 7” colour, resistive touch screen display and additional physical keys providing a modern and ergonomic operator interface.

Suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments, e.g. buckets or forks, the system can be retrofitted onto wheeled, telescopic and tractor type loaders.

It offers the input of a target weight from which it indicates the remaining load required. It also has a last bucket tip-off function that allows the adjustment of the final bucket load to the exact amount required.

Enhanced stores capability comprising 50 products, 100 customers and up to 5 different recipes designed around product mixing, dispensing and handling enables accurate record keeping and traceability.

There is an extensive sales, service and support network of RDS distributors.

Loadmaster α50 is a CAN-based loader scale system that combines cutting edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques to deliver precise and consistent weight information.

With the ever-increasing focus on productivity, Loadmaster Alpha 50 has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments and toughest conditions to compensate for uneven, sloped ground and restricted loading areas.




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