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Scantra – Automatic Point Cloud Registration for large projects

Scantra is a high performance automatic point cloud registration solution. Ideal for processing very large data sets that combine hundreds or even thousands of scans, Scantra can be used for even the largest projects across construction, infrastructure and mining.


Scantra increases accuracy by identifying identical planes, rather than relying on points. Plane-to-plane correspondence is far more accurate than cloud-to-cloud approaches including iterative closest-point (ICP) algorithms.


Save time on site by eliminating the need for targets. Because Scantra works on redundantly captured regions within acquired scans, artificial targets are not required on site. The time savings are particularly evident on large scale projects that would other require considerable time to distribute, document and register targets.


Because Scantra uses planes not points, it dramatically reduces the file size of your data set to make it manageable to process without specialised computer hardware. Even the largest point clouds containing data from thousands of scans can be processed efficiently with Scantra.


Scantra provides established and transparent quality measures that are well known from adjustment calculus, providing a sound base for your quality assurance (QA) deliverables. The final step of every Scantra project is a block adjustment that considers the information from all stations and yields an optimal solution. A graphical user interface supports users to interpret the outcome.


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