Topcon 2D Milling

2D machine control for all milling machines – fits quickly and gives reliable, accurate measurements through sonic averaging technology.

  • Fits to all makes and models using multiple quick-connect sonic trackers, slope sensors and the GC-35 control box
  • Easy to attach and position over string line, surface line, kerb or existing surface
  • Smooth results
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Accurate averaging using sonic technology

Whether you’re completely removing the existing material or taking just enough to level and smooth the surface, Topcon 2D milling technology ensures you achieve consistent, accurate results.

Elevation and slope control is achieved through multiple sonic trackers mounted to the machine. These generate sound pulses that ‘listen’ for a return signal echoes from the surface, making it an ideal choice of technology for milling. Simply choose a reference – string lines, surface string, poured kerbs or existing surfaces – and Topcon will guide your operators to mill the desired depth accurately and efficiently using an easy to follow control box.



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