Topcon 3D-MC

3D machine control with single, twin or dual antenna options – use on multiple machines including dozers, graders, compactors, laser buckets, skid steers, machine attachments, track loaders and trenchers!

Don’t get locked into a single system – only Topcon gives you the flexibility to swap systems between machines and customise your solution to suit the project requirements. Need to swap from GPS to a total station controlled system, add mmGPS for final trim, or use a sonic tracker to match the kerb? No problem, Topcon makes it easy to scale technology and swap components as required.

Talk to Aptella about our rental options too – giving you even greater flexibility when it comes to your earthmoving projects.

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One system, multiple machines

Don’t get locked into a single system – Topcon 3D-MC lets you build a solution to suit the unique requirements of a project or swap effortlessly between machines.

Choose your ideal set-up:

Single antenna GPS

  • Single masts work well in lots of applications, especially for bulk earthmoving and relatively straightforward job site designs.
  • Single GPS only has one 3D position for the machine, which means it is unable to tell the orientation of the machine as it has no other reference points to tell where the rest of the machine is.
  • Single GPS does not work in reverse – accuracy is only maintained when moving forward. For steep slope work an elevation error may occur because the machine might be ‘crabbing’ and not actually moving forward.

Twin GPS – two antennas fitted to the same mast using a diamond bracket

  • 2 x GPS positions, giving accurate heading or direction information
  • Add a rotation sensor and the machine control system will know the blade orientation as well as the machine position at all times
  • Maintain accuracy during grading applications when rolling the blade, without the need for a slope sensor
  • Work in reverse or quickly change direction without losing accuracy
  • Extremely accurate even on steep slopes because system knows the position of the blade AND the position of the machine relevant to the Earth’s surface, at all times
  • Unique Topcon technology

Dual GPS – two antennas, mounted to two masts at either end of the blade

  • Most commonly used on excavators because when working, the machine slews rather than moves backwards and forwards. A mast on each back corner enables accurate positioning of the boom
  • For grading, dual mast setups eliminate the need for rotation, slope and mainfall sensors. Accurate position information of the cutting edge is known by installing GPS at each end of the blade
  • Enables grading on steep slopes by tracking the blade position without computing the position of the a-frame
  • Limitation is that users cannot switch to different technologies like a single or twin antenna setup



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