Topcon LPS For Paving

Fine tolerance paving finish when GNSS is unavailable. Ideal for use in tunnels, working around or under structures, dense tree coverage and more.

Topcon LPS uses total station measurement and positioning technology and fits to all makes and models of paving machine.

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Precision paving when GPS is unavailable

Topcon’s Local Positioning System (LPS) is ideal for high precision applications where the machine does not have open sky visibility and is unable to receive consistant GPS satellite signals.

Working in built up areas or under heavy tree coverage can limit the performance of GPS-based machine control solutions. Topcon’s LPS system is perfect for these conditions, as it uses a Topcon robotic total station to give positioning corrections to the machine.


  • Easy to transfer from GPS to LPS quickly and easily. Simply add a 360° prism to the vibration pole, a radio in the MC-R3 and the total station on a control point and you’re ready!
  • High accuracy for fine tolerance work, with long range 2.4Ghz interference-free radio communications
  • Uses the same control box as all other Topcon 3D machine control solutions for maximum flexibility


  • Commercial builds
  • Airport runways
  • Motorways
  • Tunnels

Topcon components are multi-solution compatible
– flexibility to adapt a solution to suit the job
– interchangeable between machines


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