Topcon MS Series

Topcon’s MS Series total stations offer the highest performance in angle and distance measurement, as well as reliable robotic functionality. The Measuring Station dramatically enhances precision and productivity in a wide range of applications, including surveying, engineering, construction, monitoring and 3D industrial measurement.

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Ultra high precision, fully robotic total station


  • 0.5″ or 1″ anglular accuracy
  • High-performance, versatile EDM
  • 0.5mm distance accuracy
  • Optimised auto-pointing
  • Laser option for tunnelling applications
  • Windows CE operating system


Effectively perform displacement and deformation monitoring using industry leading, automated measurement capability

Measure tunnel convergence and deformation more efficiently

Civil Engineering
Major civil engineering tasks demand the highest accuracy and reliability possible. The MS Series dramatically increases construction efficiency and accuracy with its superior measurement capability and unique target systems

Precise measurements using reflective sheet targets and compact prisms enable high-quality bridge construction with short lead times

Plant and process engineering
Position, geometry and dimensions of complex members of various plants can be measured with sub-millimetre accuracy. When absolute accuracy is required without compromise, the MS05A provides a flexible solution for the precise measurement of dimensional stability and geometry of important structures.

Transport Industries
The MS Series provides a flexible option for precise measurement of dimensions and geometry of various vehicles and aircraft in each stage of manufacturing, service and maintenance.



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