Topcon P-32

2D screed control for paving machines. Topcon’s P-32 paving solution increases smoothness while ensuring slope and material depth is achieved to design.

  • Easy to follow and control both sides of the screed in one user friendly control box
  • Precise results through continuous elevation measurements with multiple sonic trackers
  • Fits to all makes and models of paving machine
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2D screed control for paving machines

Topcon continues its long tradition of innovation with the P-32/P-32+ for asphalt pavers. For decades, the Topcon System Five solution for paving has been the industry’s premier non-contacting screed control system. Featuring durable and time-tested components, such as Sonic Trackers, cross slope sensors, control boxes and the Trackerjack laser receiver, Topcon has introduced the successor of System Five with the P-32/P-32+ asphalt paver system.

GC-35 Control Box

Topcon has an exciting control box for its 2D asphalt paver system which are rugged and waterproof with an IP67 environmental rating and can be sold on new pavers or as an upgrade to the System Five 9256 control boxes.

The GC-35 includes a new mounting bracket, cables and a heavy duty double shelled carrying case.

The control boxes feature superior design, a faster processor and better on-screen options. The side-mounted cable connectors – versus bottom mounted – help keep cables away from moving parts on the paver. The increased processor speed and improved on-screen options make the system run faster and easier.

Sonic Averaging System

The Topcon Sonic Averaging System has been the paving industry’s first choice as a non-contacting replacement to the conventional mechanical ski. The Sonic Averaging System is comprised of an aluminum beam with four Sonic Trackers which continuously measure the elevation over the surface, automatically averaging and adjusting the tow point cylinder. The Sonic Averaging System is convenient, maneuverable and produces a great finished surface.


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