Virtual Surveyor

Powerful analysis and visualisation of your drone surveys. Virtual Surveyor is ideal for civil construction, infrastructure, mining and quarrying projects of any size.

From road surveying to topography mapping, volume calculations and cut/fill mapping, Virtual Surveyor gives you the tools to quickly and accurately track and optimise your project as it takes shape.

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Create virtual surveys with your RPAS data

Virtual Surveyor enables you to stitch together digital elevation models and orthophotos to create interactive 3D models of the surveyed area.

Survey points and break lines

Draw points, point grids, lines and polygons in a realistic virtual environment. Save on the field work, save time and work from the comfort of your office with the ability to analyse the environment at different angles.

Tutorial – Road Surveying Part 1

Create and import surfaces

Create a triangulation from your survey and verify instantly with with your terrain. Improve the model by adding points or break lines and triangulate again, giving you an accurate survey that truly represents the topography.

Create a TIN of a quarry

Quickly add section lines to road surveys

Simply create a centre line for the road, then add and densify section lines to create road surfaces quickly and accurately, modelled on the existing topography.

A road survey with section lines

Topographic Surveying

Surveying Curb and Gutter [with DRONES]

A Road Survey with Section Lines [6 Steps]

Tutorial – Road Surveying: Create Topography

Tutorial – Road Surveying: Capture Features

Tutorial – Road Surveying: Model a Bridge

Tutorial – Low-pass Points

Mining and Quarrying

7 Best Practices for Cut/Fill Maps

Sand Pit Dredging Operations

Tutorial – Create a TIN of a Quarry

Tutorial – Guided Breakline Drawing

Tutorial – Q-Points

Construction Earthworks

Construction Site Earthworks Monitoring [DIRT]

Stormwater Retention Pond Earthworks

Terrain States [5 Ideas]

Stockpile Inventory

3 Methods to Remove a Conveyor

Volume Calculations with the Quick Surface Tool


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