X-53 for loaders

3D precision for wheel loaders and skid steers – Topcon X-53 for loaders gives operators full visibility of the bucket position relative to the 3D project design.

  • Multiple views for easy bucket and site navigation
  • Maximise ROI by swapping components with other machines
  • Complete job site management and oversight with SiteLink 3D
  • See and hear your way to grade easily with lightbar grade guidance and built-in audible alarms
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3D control for your loader the Topcon way

Connect and unleash the power of your loader with a modern 3D control system. The system’s main components include a versatile MC-R3 GNSS receiver, TS-1 tilt sensors, and a sleek GX-55 control box – ready to take on your next project.

Bucket awareness

The X-53 system for loaders conveniently offers multiple guidance functions while achieving grade. Constant tracking of the GNSS constellations above pin down the excavator’s geographic location with confidence and accuracy.

The machine stays fully positioned within the project site as well as the bucket’s precise location to safely grade to design. Powerful yet intuitive 3D-MC software guides the operator to control the machine for simple usage through complex or deep cuts, blind excavations, or when working around structures.


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