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Mike Forrest and Brian McLoughlin accept the 2010 wards from 
Topcon’s Murray Lodge, Jamie Williamson and Ray O’Connor

Aptella is Topcon’s exclusive Australian partner for machine control and positioning systems and the largest Topcon distributor in the world.

Since 1932, Topcon, a worldwide corporation, has remained true to its vision of innovation and reputation for practical integrity, with products of the highest quality across its positioning and eye care divisions. Topcon has revenues of over $1 billion annually and employs more than 4,800 people worldwide.

Topcon’s positioning product range includes surveying and mapping instruments, construction machine guidance and control solutions, scanning systems and elevation and alignment lasers. They are used worldwide for the construction of roads, buildings, bridges, tunnels, airports, homes and schools, as well as environmental, forensic and other positioning applications.

Aptella’ services enhance Topcon’s systems. Unrivalled industry knowledge, experience and support capabilities provide complete solutions for our customers. Other renowned brands cement our envious range of products and software solutions to suit virtually any ground positioning task.

A multi-award winning company, Aptella won Topcon’s ‘International Dealer of the Year’ award for 2009-2010.