C W Glasgow Contractors saves time and money using Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver


When Karl Lloyd joined C W Glasgow Contractors in November 2018, he was searching for a GNSS system to use on site to help with construction set out, topographical surveys and as-builts. The Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver was new to the market and Alex from Aptella offered an onsite demonstration.

“Alex was more than happy for us to import the design data into the system and we used it to set out the first 100m of the stream alignment; Alex even banged the pegs in for us!” said Mr Lloyd.

C W Glasgow Contractors is currently working on a range of projects. One of these projects is the Taiaotea Environmental Enhancement based in Sherwood Reserve, Browns Bay.  The project involves:

  • Stream restoration: removal of the existing concrete channels and realigning the stream back to a natural state;
  • De-silting of the existing forebay and stormwater pond;
  • Creating a new Wetland with boardwalks and viewing areas;
  • Daylighting of the existing stormwater pipes and converting back to a natural stream;
  • Construction and installation of fish weirs to connect the upper catchment to the existing stream;
  • Installation of new assets including wider footpaths, bridges, seating, lighting and extensive planting.

“This work is being undertaken within an existing reserve that dates back to the late 70’s- early 80’s and comes with its share of challenges that come with working on older assets, together with limited information on works completed before the current contract,” said Mr Lloyd.

Why did C W Glasgow Contractors choose the Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver?

C W Glasgow Contractors chose the Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver because it offered the most features at the best price.

“For what the system is capable of, along with the support and its price tag, it is hard to go past the Sokkia GRX3,” said Mr Lloyd.

“The Sokkia GRX3 system had everything the other brands were offering and more.  With most of our work happening within the Auckland region we run the AllDayRTK reference station system. If need be, we can hire a base when working outside the coverage area.”

Another feature that drove Mr Lloyd and his team to choose the Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver, is its ability to seamlessly connect a SonarMite v5 Echo Sounder when undertaking hydrographic surveys in ponds before and after the silt has been removed. This data is then used to work out volumes for planning and claiming purposes.

“The tilt sensor and the ability to be able to turn the Bing Maps on as a background image is also a bonus,” said Mr Lloyd.

Benefits of implementing the Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver

With the purchase of the Sokkia GRX3, C W Glasgow Contractors was able to undertake constant set out and checks of works as they progress onsite.  With the implantation of the Sokkia GRX3 GNSS receiver. volumes and areas can be surveyed to efficiently manage the project program.

“As-built data is being submitted while the work is being undertaken and used for claiming purposes, saving time and money,” said Mr Lloyd.

“Having in-house survey capabilities is a huge benefit.  Works can proceed easily with no waiting time on having a surveyor called in.”

The importance of service and support during purchasing and implementation

The support and service offered by Aptella was very important to Mr Lloyd because he had not used the Sokkia brand before. He also found that the basic training given on site using actual design data made learning the system that much easier.

“Support is huge! A lot of the time everything runs smooth but when something is not quite right and the site is stalled due to no set out, it is important to know that there is someone on the phone to help,” said Mr Lloyd.

“Alex and his team have been awesome.  The system has been very user friendly and is perfect for us as it fits the current requirements of the business and our projects while providing the option to expand our survey equipment in the future when we require.”

About C W Glasgow Contractors

C W Glasgow Contractors was established in 2006 and specialises in stream restorations, pond de-silts, stormwater pond renewals and overland flow path construction.

Karl Lloyd, Project Manager manages on-site construction crew, including subcontractors.  Mr Lloyd coordinates the delivery of materials from suppliers, communicates with engineers, consultants and the client’s representative. Mr Lloyd also uses his skills of surveying to undertake set out and as-builts on all our projects.

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