Find out how to unlock your survey software’s potential


Cameron Waters, Geospatial Business Manager, Aptella

To truly unlock your software and the earning potential of your surveying company, there is five key criteria to consider when you partner with a software company before you even get to the nuts and bolts.  Digital surveying requires integrated solutions.  Surveying data processes are changing and the isolated data of old, needs to evolve into the collaborative multi-disciplinary models of today. The MAGNET workplace is the home of collaboration and has transformed the workflow and value of surveying software.

MAGNET is now providing simpler, comprehensive, high value products to meet the multi discipline survey workflows of today. Are you getting the best from your software provider? To find out, consider the following five key criteria:

1.    Integrity

The popular adjustment package MAGNET Tools with GNSS post processing is now included as standard for all levelling, optical and GNSS processing, including, adjustment and reporting for almost all brands of equipment.

 2.    Collaboration

Internet-enabled geographical project and data management with MAGNET Enterprise is now standard for all licences. MAGNET Enterprise will dramatically improve your productivity and collaboration with direct connections to Autodesk and Bentley management ecosystems.

3.    Portability

Fixed is good for RTK, NOT for software licences!  We all remember the trusty sentinel parallel port dongle, then there was the USB and computer locks, but none truly offered value in licence portability between users. MAGNET now has an internet-enabled check-in and check-out licence systems that gives instant access to software licences for any user, anywhere!

4.    Flexibility

I’ve spoken about purchasing software once before (Stop buying and start subscribing your survey software!) but ultimately MAGNET is offering you the freedom to choose what’s best for your company. Free up your capital and subscribe or go perpetual.

5.    Efficiency

Maintenance belongs back in the 80’s with the parallel port lock! The new SERVICE plans unlock software updates, local support and access to e-learning. Well trained people with access to the latest workflows and support teams will improve your profitability and enhance your client’s deliverables to lock in that next project.

So, before you make your next software purchase make sure you discuss the five key value criteria: Integrity, Collaboration, Portability, Flexibility and Efficiency.

Get started today with the MAGNET workplace.

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