Aptella have been appointed the exclusive distributor of Blue Electronics products


Aptella has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Blue Electronics for its range of personal proximity and machine proximity detection systems.

Aptella has been appointed the exclusive distributor for Blue Electronics’ range of collision avoidance and proximity detection systems, personal proximity detection systems and sound alarm monitoring systems.

Blue Electronics premium range of personal proximity and machine proximity detection systems includes:

Personal Proximity Detection Systems (PPDS);
Vehicle to Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems (VCAS);
Tyre Handler Personal Proximity Detection Systems (PPDS);
Stockpile Dozer and Stacker Machine Collision Avoidance Systems (SCAS);
Early Warning Detection Systems (EWDS) for Rail Maintenance Machines
End Of Train Detection Systems (EOTS);
Trackside Warning Systems (TWS);
Web-based GPS Tracking Systems (GPS);
In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS);
Sound Alarm Monitoring Systems (SAM).
These systems are suitable for use in Rail, Forestry, Civil, Construction, Transport and Mining applications.

“Effective onsite safety provisions are non-negotiable, and this partnership further demonstrates Aptella’ commitment to our customers and the industry,” said Harry Katsanevas, Site Solutions and Strategic Partnerships Manager, Aptella.

“We are especially excited to work with Blue Electronics as they build solutions that highlight the unique design available in the Australian market.”

“This partnership will greatly strengthen our sales and support capability and we look forward to working with the Aptella Team and our customers,” said Martin Smith, Director, Blue Electronics.

For more information about this partnership and the new products now available from Aptella, contact Aptella on 0800 867 000 or visit www.positionpartners.co.nz

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