Aptella releases new edition of MAGNET software suite for optimised workflow


Aptella has released MAGNET 5, the latest edition to its suite of software solutions. MAGNET 5 is packed with new features and includes upgrades to the MAGNET Field, Office and Enterprise applications designed for advanced performance, third-party integration, and construction planning and oversight capability.

“With MAGNET 5 we have focused on key improvements that put positioning professionals and contractors in more control of the work that they perform,” said David Ahl, director of software product management.

MAGNET Field operators can now avoid losing time switching between screens thanks to new flexible display options. Users can simply select and stake surfaces, and drive survey sessions directly from the map. The screen also includes a configurable favourites toolbar, and additional customizable data labels. Additionally, operators can view GNSS status when the controller is connected to a total station in Hybrid mode, and show offsets as a visual reference when staking roads and lines.”

Improvements to MAGNET Field also contain new vertical construction capabilities including reflectorless layout within a building.

“The MAGNET system has long supported third-party construction and survey file types across the software suite, and this update now includes even more integration including filtering and editing capabilities to bring Autodesk and Bentley design files to the office or directly to field software,” said Ahl.

MAGNET Enterprise updates include new cloud connection to Autodesk BIM 360 and Bentley ProjectWise as well as unlimited project file storage.

MAGNET Enterprise is the ‘tie that binds’ in the MAGNET system as the external cloud-based hub. The new advanced connectivity alleviates data silos for seamless communication and file transfer between office staff, field crews and managers in a private, secure company account,” said Ahl.

Additions to MAGNET Office are centred on contractor needs and include new advanced corridor functionalities for machine control file prep, Mass Haul application improvements, and an integration of BIM for infrastructure features directly into the suite.

“Machine control file prep is now more efficient thanks to a unique ‘road zones’ functionality. Changes made to one zone instantly apply to all others — resulting in a simplified design experience with fewer needed templates and significantly less time spent drafting. This capability was developed based on direct feedback from general contractors looking to speed up the machine control constructible model creation process,” said Ahl.

“Additionally, earthworks projects can be optimized by reducing waste and increasing productivity with the new scheduling and oversight functionalities within the Mass Haul software.

MAGNET Office now offers integrated virtual design capabilities — facilitating 3D model visualization, collaboration, and aggregation. Surveyors and engineers can visualize survey data and bring it to life,” said Ahl.

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