Support for ever more complex survey technology has never been more important. Is your business well supported?


I can go on and on about Moore’s law but we see it in action every day. This year’s TV is bigger but thinner and has a higher resolution than the one you bought last year. It also connects to the internet, has cameras, can record TV and you can direct it with hand signals. Even your dog can use it if he’s good with his paws.

The surveying industry is no different, in fact the technological advancements are happening so fast it’s can be hard for the suppliers to keep up to speed. So how can you the end user be expected to when you have your day job to worry about? The simple answer is, you shouldn’t have to.

A good partnership between a supplier and customer is one of trust and respect.

We should be trusted to make sure you are abreast of the latest workflows and technology advancements. And in turn respect the way you need to work, listen to the challenges you face and assist you wherever possible to achieve your deliverables…..all with a smile.

A big part of this ongoing partnership is the ability to support you in the field to maximise your workflows and mitigate any downtime. You are the surveyor and know what you need to do but we in turn are the experts on the software and can guide you to get the most out of it. Your supplier is also the connection between what world-leading technology can do and how to maximise its use in the local market.

Australia’s remoteness from the three big manufacturers’ US and European headquarters, along with its size and the fact it’s very easy to get a long way from anywhere quickly, makes getting support when you need it a challenge.

So with all these new advances in technology that you’re seeing both at home and in the field on your survey equipment, how are we leveraging their power with improved support capabilities?

Phone and e-mail support is so 1999, we all expect faster and more helpful help than “switch it off and switch it on again.” For your survey tools, if you want next generation support, you need to get on board with telematics.

Tokara Link is one such solution and the only one that was developed in Australia to perform in harmony with our unique quirks, extreme conditions and local industry. Since its release it has won plenty of praise, including the 2013 Technology Release of the Year at the Earthmover and Civil Contractor Awards.

So what is it?

Tokara Link is a real time, remote link to your field equipment such as a survey field tablet or a machine. Using a simple web interface and with your chosen support plan, our qualified technicians can remotely access the field tablet to view & control your screen, change settings, update firmware and troubleshoot in minutes.

Not only is Tokara Link an award-winning support tool to keep you smiling, but it can also be leveraged as a project-connected device for any Topcon managed project. With your permission, this connects your equipment to the project servers and enables data managers to deploy new design updates at the touch of a button.

Let’s put this into practice. You have Tokara Link and a support plan on your new FC-5000 field tablet. Your new surveyor who hasn’t used Topcon before wants to do a GPS localisation but isn’t confident. Rather than a best guess he or she calls our support line, we initiate the Tokara Link session, see the screen live in the support centre. We use the map view, turn on the background Bing maps, check the control is loaded in the job then guide the surveyor through the process in real time on the real job with a very real result.

No problems, no downtime, no rework – sounds like the definition of productivity to me!

To recap:

  • As technology advances it can become harder to keep up with the current trends and workflows
  • Your geospatial supplier should be more than just a warehouse – see them as your partner for the life of the equipment (and beyond!)
  • Technology advances and the internet of things (IoT) enables companies like Aptella to develop industry & region specific platforms to support that partnership and pioneer better ways to increase productivity
  Article by:  Cameron Waters – National Product Manager – Geospatial

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