Blindsight Intelligent Safety Solution

presien Blindsight Intelligent Safety Solution

Blindsight effortlessly protects workers in dynamic environments.

Reduce risk to your business and projects by increasing safety around heavy machines with the Blindsight artificial intelligence (AI) system. Blindsight intelligently recognises people, making it the first proximity detection solution that can be used in dynamic environments where other workers, contractors or the general public are protected without the need for wearable devices.

  • Fast install to all heavy machinery and fixed infrastructure
  • Customise settings and zones to each machine, for example only alert in reverse
  • Intelligent detection of people, other plant, light vehicles and traffic cones
  • Video and map-based reporting with heat maps – ideal for proactive safety management, safety training and near miss reporting

When the system detects a potentially dangerous situation, it alerts the operator, calling their attention to the risk before it turns into a costly accident.

Managers get access to all the data our system captures, including automated health and safety reports. Now you can quantify safety metrics, site performance, and more with the tap of a finger.

Customers are up and running in a matter of minutes because our AI is pre-trained for industrial environments. Just open the box, install, and go.

If you’re tired of complicated solutions that don’t do what they say, Blindsight is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

For All


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Every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job
4% of global GDP is lost annually due to Injuries
>60% of workplace fatalities are vehicle related

For operators

Blindsight gives an operator eyes in the back of their head

Blindsight assists operators in their blind spots, giving them confidence that a person or specified object is not within the exclusion zones of where they’re working. The compact in-cab alert system does not distract the operator with another screen and features simple, bright LED light alerts, audio beeps and vibration when an object or person is detected.

  • Simple alert system doesn’t distract operators from their work
  • Customise alerts to suit the machine and the work it’s doing, e.g. only alert in reverse to avoid alert fatigue

For supervisors

Blindsight reduces the risk profile on site

Visual, video-based reporting gives safety managers and supervisors a big picture overview of the assets and alerts triggered. With map-based locations and heat maps, users can proactively identify areas of higher risk and assist in reporting of near misses. The video footage is also a powerful training tool for your toolbox meetings and site induction processes.

  • Automatic alert notifications
  • Visual reporting with heat maps, video recording and location data
  • Enables powerful, visual training specific to your site and processes

For managers

Blindsight reduces business risk and associated direct and indirect costs

Quantify baseline risk with Blindsight’s automated reporting tools. Assess operational performance on individual items of plant, across a project and across multiple projects. The wealth of data Blightsight systems provides empowers you to better train your employees and contractors, whilst mitigating risk by confirming compliance.

  • Comprehensive reporting on near misses and incidents to ensure compliance
  • Identify areas or specific plant of higher risk with visual heat maps

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The system can be installed anywhere, including mobile plant and fixed infrastructure, and doesn’t require connectivity to operate.

Leo Zuna
October 14, 2021

Blindsight gives me video-based reporting and map locations, which we can use for internal safety training. Operators like the simplicity of the in-cab alert system to assist them around their blind spots, and the fact we can configure it to the machine and the work it’s doing.

Leo Zuna, Safety Manager, BMD Constructions

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