Intel Sirius Basic

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Robust, easy to operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)

The SIRIUS UAV is a lightweight, durable fixed wing Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) that is ideal for DEM and orthophoto purposes.

Designed to be used by anyone, with or without experience flying RPA, the SIRIUS system comes complete with desktop flight planning software and the easiest take-off and landing setup available.

Simply load the flight plan onto the RPAS and launch the plane by throwing it in the air – no fiddly setup or launch mechanisms required!

Land the RPAS safely with the ability to manually control descent to avoid obstacles or land in tight spaces. Built-in autopilot assist helps ensure a safe, trouble-free land every time.


  1. Flight Planning: Use MAVinci Desktop flight planning software to plan your route and upload the flight path to the SIRIUS RPAS.
  2. Take-off: To launch the SIRIUS simply throw the UAV into the air – no fiddly launch mechanisms required!
  3. Flight: The SIRIUS will autonomously complete the route as per the flight plan.
  4. Landing: Land in automatic or manual-assist mode, to ensure a safe landing every time
  5. Postprocessing: Choose from our range of postprocessing solutions or contact a service provider who can postprocess the data for you

Benefits include:

Work in hilly / mining terrain:
The SIRIUS RPAS flight plans can automatically adapt to an elevation model.
Cover areas that require more than one flight:
Save up to 30% flight time for large RPAS missions: Flight plan splits up automatically and rejoins for post processing.
Easy take-off and landing
To launch, simply thrown the SIRIUS into the air and it will do the rest! Plus, get better control over landings with optional manual steering and added stability from autopilot assistance.
Fly in strong wind:
The UAS is fully operational with wind of up to 50 km/h (approx. 7Bft) with gusts up to 65 km/h (approx. 8Bft).
Robust operating performance:
Operate the system during hot or cold outside temperatures from -20° C to +45°C.
Weather resistant:
The SIRIUS RPAS can operate in poor weather conditions and even rain.
High quality camera performs exceptionally well under low light conditions.
High safety and quality control with training a mandatory component of system purchase.



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