Leica Disto X4 (With View Finder)

The DISTO™ X4 is equipped with a Pointfinder camera allowing you to easily target distant objects in bright sunlight. Even if the laser dot cannot be seen, the target appears clearly on the large colour display. The high-resolution screen ensures a crystalclear image. Distance measurements are absolutely precise over long distances.

The rugged Leica DISTO X4 combines innovative measuring technologies with a site-proof design and simple user interface. Together with the Leica DST 360, the X-series can be turned into a powerful 3D capturing station. With the digital viewfinder on the DISTO X4, you can confidently measure outdoors, in bright sunlight, without worrying about finding the laser dot. With the rugged IP65 rating and drop tested up to 6 Ft., the DISTO X4 is up to the task of handling tough jobsite conditions.

SKU: SLD855107

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Leica Disto X4 (With View Finder)

With 140m range, the X4 comes with View Finder technology to help you work in bright light and outdoor conditions.

Robust with protection class up 65 and drop tested to 6 Ft.

Digital viewfinder with 4x zoom to allow easy targeting when measuring outdoors

Tilt sensor and smart room allows you to easily determine horizontal distances with absolute precision

Rotating display which keeps the measurement in line with the device so you can easily read the screen from any angle


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