LS-80X Laser Receiver

The LS-80X Topcon receiver is a handheld digital laser sensor, ideal for single crew teams working on a range of construction projects, from sub-base levelling to concrete finishing. The LS-80X Topcon laser receiver features an upgraded compact design along with improved speaker location to enhance volume onsite, also being compatible with most conventional rotating lasers, meaning you can have the power, accuracy and efficiency of a laser receiver operated from the palm of your hand.

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The LS-80X laser level receiver is a durable and high-quality piece of equipment, which can greatly enhance the scope, speed and versatility of your laser sensor work.

  • New design and form factor
  • Speaker location changed to improve sound volume
  • Working Diameter: 2-800m (3-1300ft)
  • Detective Precision High Precision +/- 1.0mm
  • Detective Range: 50mm
  • Normal Precision +/-2.0mm
  • Dual LCD (Both Sides)


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