Seco Mini Stakeout Pole

The SECO Mini Stakeout is only 39 cm tall and lets the pole to be held accurately in a horizontal plane. Weight: 0.68 kg

This pole is made of sturdy aluminium and has a red electrostatic powder paint coating. It has a fixed 5/8″ tip and a black anodised levelling vial.

SKU: 5010-00

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SECO mini stakeout pole with 5/8 thread

  • Mostly used in conjunction with a Mini Prism
  • It consists of a pole Extension, Prism Pole Point, and a Bubble vial.
  • Can be used as a pole extension (1-1/4 OD.)
  • 40-Minute Bubble Vial
  • 1-1/4 OD



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