Your interface between Landonline and MAGNET Office software.

NZTraverse can also be used to process any standard vector and traverse data, with the ability to output traverse sheets, reports and plans, along with other data required in MAGNET Office.

The software is designed to maximise the interface with LandXML files extracted from LINS’s Landonline database.

The imported data is used, along with new data entered and designed in NZTraverse and MAGNET Office, to create a LandXML file for digital lodgement into the Landonline database.

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NZTraverse supports the specific functions in the LandXML schema required to exchange a dataset between Landonline and the NZTraverse / MAGNET Office software.

  • Supports Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 (CSR2021)
  • Simple drop-down menus support Landonline lodgement rules.
  • Automatically allocate missing mark numbers for points with incomplete definitions.
  • Operate stand alone or as a plugin to Magnet Office.
  • Supports both Least squares and Bowditch adjustments.





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