Senshin Measuring Pole SK202 6m

This rugged, fibreglass measuring pole telescopes smoothly and measures up to 6m. Measurements are shown on the sealed, enclosed tape readout which is located on the bottom tier of the pole for easy viewing. The pole collapses to 94cm and weighs less than 2kg.

Use it to measure the height of bridges, tunnels, trucks, trees, powerlines and more.

SKU: MPO 06204

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Senshin Measuring Pole SK202 6m

Product Advantages:

  • Made of High Quality, Light, Strong and Durable Fibre Glass.
  • Fully Insulated.
  • Durable Expanding Joints for quick handling and easy work.
  • In-built digital tape measure for easy reading.
  • Digital tape resistant to heat (+150°C) and cold (-70°C)



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