Sokkia GCX3 GNSS Receiver

Small but mighty, the Sokkia GCX3  GNSS Receiver is an ultra-lightweight, compact solution that minimizes heft on the range pole. You get maximum mobility and ease of use in the field. But do not let the size fool you – the Sokkia GCX3 antenna performance in obstructed canopy environments outperforms other traditional antenna technology.

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Sokkia GCX3 only $15,900 + GST, SAVE $1,690

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Add the benefits of:
• Most comprehensive GPS Base network in Australia
• The most reliable, robust and secure network in Australia and New Zealand

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‘The Bullet’ version 2.0

Get centimetre-level results without being weighed down by your equipment. This compact receiver delivers full-featured, high-precision performance.

The GCX3 is the ideal local job site base/rover RTK (Real Time Kinematic) system or network RTK rover — and like all of our solutions, you can customise it to meet your needs and create
your own workflows.


  • All-in-view constellation GNSS receiver
  • 226 optimized satellite tracking channels
  • Second-generation POST2™ (Precision Orbital Satellite Technology) integrated antenna – robust signal tracking even around interference sources
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged and cable-free design
  • Ideal network RTK rover
  • Wireless, multi-channel long-range Bluetooth® technology

The latest in GNSS technology

The Sokkia GCX3 is a dual-frequency GNSS receiver that delivers RTK centimeter-level performance. It delivers high-quality results for surveying and construction applications, and is versatile enough to be used in a wide-variety of other areas and industries as well.

Small but mighty

The GCX3 is an ultra-lightweight, compact solution that minimises heft on the range pole. You get maximum mobility and ease of use in the field. But do not let the size fool you – the GCX3 antenna performance in obstructed canopy environments outperforms other traditional antenna technology.

Advanced technologies

Built with leading-edge technology, the GCX3 brings you the best in GNSS RTK and static data collection. The POST2™ integrated antenna delivers first-class performance. Adding BeiDou,
Galileo, SBAS, QZSS, and GAGAN satellite tracking in addition to GPS and GLONASS ensures the best positioning availability.

Ultimate versatility

The GCX3 interface is based on an open source architecture. This means you are not limited to a specific software for your field controller. While the GCX3 standard system includes suggested
software, it is open to fit your workflow.

Work your way

Providing flexibility in a variety of ways for static or RTK data collection, the GCX3 easily adapts to nearly any application. A pair of GCX3 receivers can be used as a base and rover using wireless multi-channel long-range Bluetooth® technology RTK corrections. When combined with a cellular-enabled field controller, the GCX3 also performs as an ideal precision network RTK rover.

Clear communication

With its wireless multi-channel long range Bluetooth® technology RTK corrections, the GCX3 eliminates licensing or interference issues. When used as a base, it may support three concurrent GCX3 rovers at a range of up to 300 metres.




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