Sokkia Reflective sheet Targets 90x90mm

Easy-to-use reflective targets supplied on adhesive-backed sheets; can be directly affixed to measuring points. Self-adhesive sheets that adhere to almost any surface. RS90N has normal (0.5mm) reticle lines. For alternative needs, rotary targets and a 2-point target are also available.

Reflective sheet (90x90mm, 4pcs)


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Sokkia Reflective sheet Targets 90x90mm

Our Retro Sheet Targets and Reflectors come in a variety of colours & sizes to suit most applications. These targets are self-adhesive, effective for leaving in the same position for extended periods of time and also very visible in daylight.



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10x10mm, 20×20 mm, 30x30mm, 50x50mm, 90x90mm


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