Teleo Semi-autonomous Machines

Transform your heavy equipment operations

Teleo turns any heavy equipment into remotely operated and autonomous machines

Teleo provides an end-to-end solution for turning your equipment into supervised autonomous machines. We retrofit any make or model machine and mixed fleets. Our hardware and software components are built in-house by engineers with decades of experience in developing and deploying technologies that reach millions of people worldwide. There are three main components to Teleo’s solution: a universal retrofit kit, a robust mesh network, and a remote command center.

Supercharged Operations Through Autonomy

We’re revolutionizing heavy equipment operations by turning any piece of construction equipment into a semi-autonomous robot — resulting in greater performance, efficiency, and insight than ever before. We’re building incrementally toward full autonomy, delivering meaningful value at each step along the way.

Running two or more machines

One operator

What Sets Teleo Apart

Teleo Supervised Autonomy technology offers unprecedented analytics through real-time video and statistics. Use the data generated to make more informed business decisions and improve operational performance.

93% of construction firms report having open positions they are trying to fill
0.9% productivity decline in the construction industry between 2005 and 2019 vs a 2.2
# 1 cause of injury to equipment operators is getting on and off the machine.
Multiply Operator Output

Universal Retrofit Kit

Our ruggedized retrofit kit turns any make or model into a supervised autonomous machine. The operator can toggle between manual and autonomy modes and between different machines within seconds.

Robust Mesh Network

Teleo provides a robust mesh network that ensures uninterrupted connectivity across dynamic work sites and offers mobile solar stations to power the mesh network anywhere on your site.

Remote Command Centre

Whether on-site or long distance, the command center enables the operator to control equipment from the comfort of an office and offers a 360° field of view around the machine.

Teleo helps solve critical and imminent business challenges

Fits seamlessly into existing site operations

  • Empowers own operators
  • Turn-key solution
  • Brand-agnostic retrofit

Increases site productivity

  • Multiple machines controlled by one operator
  • Reduces downtime by offering one protected location for work and breaks

Drives down the cost of operations

  • Improves efficiency through unprecedented visibility and analytics
  • Can reduce machine damage and accidents

With one operator remotely controlling two or more pieces of heavy equipment, your fleet does more work with the same number of people. This results in operational savings, with payback in less than a year.

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Enhanced Operational Visibility

Through real-time video and statistical analytics, the Teleo Insite platform delivers insights that can improve operational performance.

Oversee Projects From Anywhere

The Teleo app offers access to Teleo Insite from any standard browser or your mobile device, so you’re always connected to your site.

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