Topcon Hiper CR GNSS Receiver

Mighty precision unleashed

Get precise centimeter-level accuracy effortlessly with this compact powerhouse, ideal for various survey and construction tasks. The HiPer CR is an ultralightweight and compact solution that minimizes pole weight, ensuring easy mobility and field usability. Despite its small size, the HiPer CR integrated helical antenna excels in challenging canopy and jobsite environments, delivering exceptional performance.

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Have it your way

The HiPer CR easily adapts to nearly any working style. Whether you require a versatile RTK rover, need a reliable local job-site base/rover, or seek seamless integration with your Topcon robotic total station for Hybrid Positioning™, the HiPer CR is the perfect solution ensuring precision and efficiency every step of the way.

Ready, set, go network receiver

Collecting data has never been easier with the sleek HiPer CR used with Topcon Topnet Live or any other correction services. Open the box and you can start working with centimeter-level accuracy within minutes.

Hybrid Positioning™

The HiPer CR seamlessly integrates onto your robotic total station’s prism pole, providing dual-technology productivity that enables more measurements with fewer setups and less downtime.

New ways to communicate

The HiPer CR brings wireless multi-channel Longlink™ Bluetooth® for transmitting corrections from base to rover, eliminating licensing or interference problems. As a base station, it can support up to three additional HiPer CR rovers within a range of 300 meters (1,000 feet), and the range can be extended by connecting a wireless radio



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