Topcon OS Series Compact Total Station

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Unconventional reflectorless technology PLUS MAGNET™ software

The OS is a professional, compact total station that features an all-new design and on-board data collection interface.

With Topcon’s exclusive long range LongLinkTM wireless communication, plus an incredibly powerful EDM, the new OS Series offers unmatched performance for a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Land Surveying – property, topo & stakeout
  • Earthwork volumes
  • Interior layouts
  • Road construction
  • Mapping for law enforcement/ Forensics
  • Mining

Accurately survey dark and wet surfaces such as coal mining applications, bitumen roads and wet pavements with 500 m reflectorless range.


  • Advanced Security & Maintenance with New TSshield™ for software updates and tracking if your instrument is lost or stolen
  • MAGNET Field On-board
  • Exclusive LongLink™ Communications Functionality – reduce errors by staying at the pole without the need to use radios!
  • Narrow beam ideal for measuring corners, cables and surveying through fences
  • Fast and Powerful EDM (0.9 seconds)
  •  Convenient EDM trigger key with minimal disturbance
  • Advanced Angle Accuracy
  • Available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 arc second accuracy models

MAGNET™ Field on-board software

MAGNET Field runs directly on the OS total station touch screen. Plug in a USB flash drive into the side panel for quick, easy file transfer, or use a USB mini cable to connect to your computer.

With direct exchange between MAGNET Field On-board and MAGNET Office Tools, you can transfer data more efficiently and increase your productivity.

All of the total station functions are available directly on-board.

In Survey, there is: Topo, X-Section, Find Station, Tape Dimension, and Missing Line.  In Stake, access Points, Lines, Offsets, Surface, Point in Direction, Curve, Real-Time Roads, Road, Slope, and Linework staking.  There are also numerous calculation functions like Inverse, Intersection, Curves, Area, Corner Angle, Offsets, Adjust, Traverse, and DTM.


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