Service and support are crucial considerations when sourcing your survey equipment


Customer service and support are critical considerations when it comes to purchasing or hiring land survey equipment. When you’re out in the field, you need a dedicated support team behind you that understands the industry and resolves issues instantly.

At Aptella, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re getting the best all-round dedicated support, giving you the fastest return on your investment. With our award-winning services, support and training across our extensive range of surveying equipment and software, we have your back wherever you are, leaving you to get the results you need, when you need them. With an industry-leading support and service team behind you, you can enjoy far greater business performance and productivity.

A wide network of service and support centres across Australia, NZ and SE Asia

At Aptella, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll be dealing with exceptionally-experienced service, support and training teams, available Monday to Friday 7.30am – 5pm, across our wide network of service and support centres in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Whether you’re purchasing or hiring your equipment, we’ve got tailored service, support and training options to suit your business needs.

100% available industry-leading technology and surveying business expertise
At Aptella, we like to ensure your needs are met, so we’re flexible to be able to support you outside operating hours where needed – from hand-delivering urgent equipment to providing extra training. Every single one of our Aptella service and support team-members is a highly-trained expert giving you the peace of mind that you’ll get the answers you need regardless of who you speak to.

Fast turnaround for issue resolutions

We pride ourselves on resolving your issues in the fastest turnaround time, without disruption to your business day. Unlike other providers, we log and track every support request we receive, giving you key insights into your business support needs. We can guide you through the metrics and best options to ensure your business performs at its most profitable and efficient.

Award-winning in-field support with remote accessibility and data security guaranteed

With our award-winning Tokara remote service platform, Aptella has a wide range of support services for your surveying company to give you flexibility and success on every project. Unlike other survey equipment providers, we can log in remotely to your in-field devices to work out what the problem is and fix it – fast – to get you back up and running. From remotely tailoring and running reports and calibrations, to finding the right satellite location for the best coverage, we can help instantly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your equipment and data and keeping productive in the field. Your reports can be run before you’ve even packed up your instruments. Plus, we ensure your data is backed up to the cloud, providing 100% data security.

Support and training packages customised to your needs

With dedicated support and training teams, we can deliver the level of training support you need. From in-house training tailored to your needs, to a dedicated YouTube channel with how-to videos on our products and their usability, to just finding out how to do something remotely via Tokara whilst in-field – we have your training support covered. We can work with you to provide the optimum level of service and training support. Knowing the fixed cost means you can budget from the get-go without the worry of extra unforeseen costs down the track.

Contact our service and support team today

At Aptella, we want to help facilitate your business success. Get in touch with our world-class service support teams contact Aptella today to find out how we can tailor the optimum service, support and training for your business needs.

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