MC-Max Grader

Rev up your motor grader for high-speed grading

The addition of MC-Max and its flexible design boosts your motor grader to achieve greater precision, move more material and reduce operator fatigue. Utilizing the latest Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) for determination of pitch, roll and heading, high speed grading has never been easier.

Why slow down your grading with guessing or tracking grade stakes?

Topcon’s revolutionary 3D-MC machine control software provides the operator with all the information they need to stay on grade and on track. With the addition of high precision 2D or 3D positioning sensors, MC-Max can automatically control the blade or moldboard for elevation, slope and side shift to accurately cut or spread material for a smooth finish.

Modular components
Eliminate rework with first pass accuracy
Track, measure and quantify material movement
Flexibility for the way you work

Compatible with all of Topcon’s existing sensor technology, the latest (CAN) and older (non-CAN) motor graders can be outfitted with the tools needed to accomplish the task. Whether it is simple flat or complex slope work, MC-Max can get it done. From laser detectors working with rotary lasers, sonic sensors for tracking elevation, prisms working with robotic total stations for LPS, GNSS for increased jobsite coverage to Topcon’s patented Millimeter GPS solution for the most accurate and versatile 3D grading performance, all your important work is covered.

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Topcon Mc Max grader

Multiple control options for specific jobsite needs.

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Request more information about this product

Request more information about this product