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Accelerate Excavation Work

Topcon MC-Max gives you the flexibility to configure your excavator to meet the job at hand. Work in 2D, 3D, guidance only or fully automation modes. With all-new sensors, GNSS receivers, control box and 3D-MC software, MC-Max is the fastest, most responsive system yet.

Topcon MC-Max - Advanced performance for civil earthworks

  • 3-year warranty on serialised components
  • Available for all makes, models and sizes of excavator
  • GNSS and total station positioning options to work in all conditions
  • Grade check with the bucket edge
  • GX-55 or GX-75 control box options

Machine Control


More options to suit your business

BUSINESS Whether you’re hardwiring new machines, looking to add value with additional technology or after trade-ins on your older Topcon systems, we’ve got something for everyone

Configure to your needs
All makes and models
Easy to use software
Configure your excavator to fit every situation

No two excavating jobs are the same. Why should you be stuck with one setup for your excavator? MC-Max Excavator powered by the MC-X Platform keeps you in the cab and in control with the right configuration for whatever your projects throw at you.

Your excavator can work like three people…or more

Operating an excavator can be exhausting on its own but waiting for others can add delays and fatigue. What if your excavator could be part surveyor, part operator and part grade checker?

MC-Max Excavator can be set up to use its bucket to take topo shots, put in automatic control mode to implement designs like a veteran operator and constantly check its own grade work, keeping human grade checkers safely out of trenches and working on other tasks.

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Evolve with the environment to move the earth

Digging a trench alongside an open highway may allow you unobstructed satellite-access needed for GNSS guidance. Excavating an underground parking garage in an urban center may require using robotic total stations for your positioning and machine control needs, if tall buildings and infrastructure make GPS an impossibility. MC-Max makes quick work of switching guidance modes to suit your situation.

Now is the time to invest in your business and increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency on every job. Get in touch today to discuss your next project!

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Request more information about this product