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Carlson DredgeGrade

Machine guidance designed specifically for dredging exacavators either operating from the land or on the water. Carlson’s DredgeGrade system provides operators with real-time cut, fill and on-grade measurements based on the design to eliminate re-work and save on time and machine wear.

This flexible machine guidance technology works with all makes of GNSS equipment and can accommodate a wide range of buckets and attachments. Supported by our team of experienced technicians who can understand your desired outcomes and work with you to ensure you achieve maximum ROI in the shortest possible time.

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Designed for dredging equipped excavators

Carlson DredgeGrade can be used on dredging excavators positioned on land or in the water. Carlson DredgeGrade provides plan and profile views of barge and excavator positions with real-time death information. Along with regular updates to cut/fill/on-grade measurements relative to the DTM file.

Carlson DredgeGrade supports almost all GNSS receivers and is supported by the world’s most extensive GNSS library.

Key features include:

  • Supports multiple surface file types including DXF & DWG
  • GSM remote support
  • Progress visualisation in blind underwater cuts
  • Cut/fill colour map
  • Calculations menu
  • Improved slope routine
  • Coordinator and localisation Editor
  • Unique calibration routine that is highly accurate and up to 200% faster

Carlson DredgeGradeTM has a range of special features, the flowmeter support and hydraulic grabber support allows you to work in hard environments without the needs for sensors to be placed on the bucket/grab.

The ability to add your own tool attachment, machine design, and log files locally for post analysis at a later date. Plus Carlson DregdeGradeTM  is compatible with Carlson Command office management software.



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