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Stockpile Machine Guidance Solutions

Designed specifically for mine sites and stockpile management, Carlson Machine Control’s new MineGrade Stockpile is a high precision machine guidance system designed to increase productivity and safety.

  • Increase safety with user-defined proximity warnings – alert for other machines, hoppers, overhead conveyors and other assets or obstacles unique to your site
  • Gives operators and mine managers visibility over machine performance relative to stockpile design
  • Flexible solution works with wide range of machines including dozers, wheel loaders, haul trucks and supervisor machines
  • Supported by Aptella to ensure maximum benefits, practical training for operators and fast return on your investment


  • Correct floor elevation
  • Reduce idle times across the fleet
  • Easily mine to the design
  • Reduce survey costs
  • Keep personnel safe and away from heavy machinery
  • Increase safety with watch and warning zones
  • Determine accurate overhaul costs
  • Finish reclamation areas


  • Configurable on-board display to suit multiple machine types
  • 3D avoidance zones and surfaces
  • Proximity warnings between machines and assets
  • In-field ramp and bench design
  • Real-time cut/fill to multiple design surfaces
  • User-definable tasks and delays
  • Collect / stakeout / as-built points
  • Direct import of DWG, DXF, TN3, GC3, LN3, TIN, GRD
  • NTRIP compatible with most networks
  • Manage drawing layers
  • Handle large surface files up to 50 MB
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Proximity warnings for infrastructure, machines, coal floor and more


Reduce coal contamination by accurately monitoring stockpile floor level


Analyse machine replay to gain operational insights for your site

Increase safety & Productivity

Stockpile Machine Guidance


Carlson offers one of the most simple and reliable, yet advanced operator interfaces on the market. Carlson’s touch sensitive control box, with a full-colour LCD touch sensitive screen, is a fully functioning Windows computer that provides the operator with real-time grade information and control. The in-cab screen will prove to be a refreshingly simple alternative in comparison to other operator interfaces.

In CAB Screen

  • 91Ghz. Intel® Atom™ E3825 1.33Ghz.
  • Instruction Set 64-Bit.
  • Memory 2GB DDR3L 1333 RAM.
  • Optional 4GB RAM available in some configurations.
  • System Chipset Intel® Bay Trail E3800 Series.
  • BIOS AMI Aptio UEFI. Multi Stage Watchdog.
  • Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7,
  • Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Embedded,
  • XP Embedded. Linux and Android also supported.

The Carlson Vx7 is the rugged all-in-one multifrequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna which provides RTK-level position and precise heading. This rugged design is compliant to

IP69, MIL-STD81 0G, MIL-STD-202F, and IEC 60068-2 standards for water ingress, shock, and

vibration for the harshest environments. The Vx7 is a great solution for machine control and other.

challenging applications.

The all-in-one Vx7 with set antenna separation provides consistent and reliable position and

heading accuracy.

Heading Unit

  • Dual GNSS Receiver – Vector GNSS RTK
  • Signals Received: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo,QZSS, IRNSS and Atlas
  • Input Voltage: 6 to 36 VDC
  • Receiver Type: Vector GPS L1 Compass
  • Channels: Two 12-channel, parallel tracking (Two 10-channel when tracking SBAS)
  • Update Rate: 10 Hz standard, 20 Hz optional
  • GPS Sensitivity: -142 dBm
Office Software

Command Stockpile

Manage your machines. Manage your Stockpile

Carlson Command is a command-and-control monitoring and data management system that transmits data between machines and the office, increasing safety and productivity throughout the mine site.

Regardless of how big or small the site is, managers can see and monitor multiple machines in multiple views, including plan view, from any location that has an internet connection.

View each machine’s position, monitor cut/fill and elevation in real time and instant message your operators from the office without leaving your desk.

For sites without remote connectivity, data can be stored in the machine and copied to a USB drive for post analysis. Alternatively, contact your local Aptella branch to discuss our site connection solutions.

Carlson Command facilitates:

  • Productivity analysis
  • Historical playback
  • On-site proximity warnings
  • Avoidance zones

Command adheres to Carlson’s Open Positioning Architecture (OPA), supporting open data share.


  • Automatically updated cut/fill colour map
  • Machine real time position, cut/fill, elevation
  • Operator management and in-cab monitoring
  • Activity, downtime, delay/idle monitoring, reporting and analysis
  • Create grade projects
  • Multiple site management
  • Multiple site views
  • Output of updated existing surface
  • GPS status monitoring and reporting
  • User friendly, easy to learn
  • Data editing and data management
  • Office tools for creating offline data
  • Reports output to Excel
  • Grade project management on rovers (view/delete)
  • Monitor and report all grade alerts

Carlson stockpile machine guidance provides positional data relative to stockpile design and infrastructure. Its GPS system allows for productive work around the clock and in all weather conditions.

Carlson MineGrade Stockpile is an integrated system using Carlson’s easy-to-use operator control box.


Proximity warnings for infrastructure, machines, coal floor and more


Reduce coal contamination by accurately monitoring stockpile floor level


Analyse machine replay to gain operational insights for your site

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