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Renewables, Solar & Wind


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Technology solutions specifically suited to renewable energy projects.

For solar farm projects, the Carlson PDGrade system combined with the Vermeer pile driver machine delivers a semi-autonomous machine guidance solution to ensure solar piles are placed accurately to design. With accurate piling, solar panel frames fit to the piles without frustrating and costly rework. 


Supporting Your Renewables, Solar & Wind Business


Our Specialties


Aptella has a dedicated monitoring team committed to sourcing and supporting leading technology that is fit for geospatial professional purposes. The systems we offer are supported throughout the areas we service, including Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Robotic Total Stations

High accuracy and responsive robotic survey instruments available for sale or for hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Launceston in Australia, Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand and Jakarta and Singapore in South East Asia. After-sales service, repair and calibration services for your total station are also available via our national network of Service Centres, which means maintenance is on your terms and your team can productive in the field for longer.

Solar Farm Pile Driving Solution

Combining Carlson PDGrade machine guidance technology with the Vermeer PD10 solar pile driver machine, this advanced system assists piling contractors to drive more piles, more accurately every day. Our semi-autonomous solar piling solution is suitable for all sizes of solar farms, from small to very large sites. By eliminating the need to setup stringlines, the Carlson machine guidance technology enables solar contractors to reduce the cost per pile whilst meeting tolerance requirements to ensure the racking system fits perfectly to the posts.

Proximity Detection

Increase the safety of your workforce on site with proximity detection and collision awareness technology. Wearable RFID tags can be worn by everyone entering the site to give machine operators visibility of any potential dangers, whilst machine mounted devices can also alert operators to potential collisions with other machines. Machine mounted camera technology can distinguish between objects and people to reduce ‘false alarms’ and only interrupt work when there is a viable risk.

Base And Rover

Survey base and rover kits available for sale or for hire for your renewable energy and utilities projects. Rugged hardware and advanced satellite tracking deliver high performance in all environments. Check out the innovative MiRTK RTK correction service that eliminates the need to rely on UHF radio corrections, providing a more reliable, user friendly option that works with all makes and models of GNSS equipment.