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iVolve Fleet Management System

ivolve fleet management system

Know More. Achieve More. Simple.

Mine4D focuses on operational efficiency improvements directly related to production and vehicle maintenance.
This enables our clients to increase productivity, cut costs and minimise risk.

Transform real-time machine data into valuable insights.


Production. How it works.

Haul cycle data logging

  • Automated data capture in real-time.
  • Enables immediate feedback for effective and prompt decisions.
  • Material; Location; Paired vehicle; Payload; Second gear re-weigh; Activity & delay codes; Vehicle state (Loading, travel loaded, dumping, travel empty, stopped, queuing, spotting, re-spotting, etc).

Load assist

  • Operator feedback for optimal loading.
  • Haul cycle data; Load pass tonnages/BCM; Target payload; Centre of gravity; Dump destination.

Fleet Management System


Improve process efficiency

Empower personnel at all levels with the information they need when they need it.

  • Increase Production Rate – manage your circuits to optimise your rates.
  • Monitor over and under trucking
  • through real-time tracking of production data empowers management to make quick adjustments to keep on track
  • How? Timely automated reports; real-time dashboards; site wide view with iControl
Locate and view detailed data
Manage shift load cycle data
Manage site configurations

Maintenance. How it works.

Automatic collection of vehicle health data, fused with iVolve data (position, time, operator etc) for maintenance personnel to act on or investigate events/issues

Interface to on-board vms for real-time health data

  • Machine events
  • Parameters
  • Utilisation
  • SMU

ivolve - fleet management system


Guidance. How it works.

Integrated FMS & machine guidance

Combines the benefits of real-time operational data with the precision of advanced machine guidance.

Extends the FMS to provide seamless 3D operator guidance for dozers and excavators.


iVolve Mine4D

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Mine4D Go

FMS without the complexity:

  • Access to the all Mine4D tools.*
  • Single device installation.
  • Mine spec hardware. It lasts.
  • Simple cloud based infrastructure (or on-prem).
  • Flexible subscription model.

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