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GPS Landfill Compaction Solutions

Carlson LandfillGrade introduces accuracy and complete efficiency to landfill operations. With GPS-powered machine guidance, landfill operators can optimize airspace usage and greatly reduce the risk of landfill leachate.

LandfillGrade maximizes compaction and enables machines to reach optimum density in less time — saving time and resources. Site supervisors and operators can easily track compaction in real-time with color mapping using pass counts or verticle deflection. Carlson’s complete landfill solution includes Carlson Command, which allows teams to analyze productivity and generate live reports from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Eliminate overfill of outer design slopes
  • Truly record material placement
  • Mark avoidance zones such as gas wells and hazardous material placement
  • View daily density calculations through scale house weight & import
  • Monitors forward and reverse compaction
  • Remotely monitor machines and material placement
  • Activate historical playback for machines and material placement
  • Collect and stake points

GPS Landfill Compaction


Extend the Life of Any Landfill
Eliminate overfill of outer design slopes
Collect and stake points

Integration with Carlson Command

Carlson’s complete monitoring and data management solution for machine control, Carlson Command, transmits data from machines to the office and from the office to machines in real-time. Command provides absolute oversight for site managers, allowing them to monitor multiple or single machines in a variety of viewing options from any remote location with an internet connection.

  • View actual machine positions
  • Increased safety, productivity and reporting capability
  • Monitor cut/fill and elevation progression
  • Remote into machines and send messages

For sites without remote connectivity, data can be stored in the machine for post-analysis.

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Complete Landfill Management

  • Works with Man or Machine
  • Eliminates unnecessary passes
  • Reaches optimum density is less time
  • Provides real-time operator grade guidance
  • Gives real-time position anywhere on the site
  • Allows for stakeless grading
  • Manages Leachate – accurate & easy slope designs manage water runoff minimizing leachate for disposal or treatment

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“We have increased 460lbs per cubic yard in 1 year. Our remaining life of landfill in 2019 was 75 years. At our current density and current annual tons our remaining life is 83 years. In one year we picked up 8 years of life with density.”

Dan Pitts
Landfill Operations Manager; Republic Services

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